Search and Win - REAL Free Prizes!


I'm sure some of you have seen the "Free Xbox" or "Free Ipod" advertisements on the internet. Most of those programs require you to sign up for 3 trial deals, and get 5 of your friends (or more) to join and sign-up for 3 trial deals as well.

WELL, Blingo is NOT like that. You join and just search using instead of,,, etc. Approximately every 5 minutes throughout the day, a random searcher wins a prize. (Most seem to be free movie tickets, but there are tons of cash and other prizes too!).

I REALLY did win some free movie tickets the first week I started using

The best thing about Blingo, is that any friends that sign up through your referal, and win, you win the same prize they do. So the more friends you have Blingo'ing, the better chances you have to win. So, Please join using my referal link. You can win too!


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