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Oh yeah, almost forgot. Went to the doctor on 5 Feb, 2004 for the 20 week ultra-sound. It's another boy coming to the Braggfamily. Arniel is due around the middle of June. That's gonna make 4 boys. Wowzers.
A blast from the past has grabbed mine and my wifes attention once again. Ultima Online is back on the game to play list. This time we're playing on a free shard called UO Gamers . It has a bit faster skill gain than the original UO, but since that was the worst part of the old OSI Ultima Online, we don't mind the faster skillz. Another game I bought recently for my Xmas present was Neverwinter Nights . I also bougth the expansions. A co-worker put up a persistant world that several other co-workers join in and we can adventure together. It's a lot more fun than I had imagined. I've been playing so much on my co-workers server, I haven't even had time to play the single-player mode which I hear is just as fun.