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Welcome To StrangeWays This is my bud Bryan's Website.
Amazing how fast the year goes by. It's November and was starting to feel like it. Leaves are everywhere. I hate having to rake leaves. Maybe it's time to buy the bagger attachment for the tractor/mower. Holloween was great this year. Nicky went as Scooby-doo and Ozzy was a giraffe. Billy was over at bill's house this year, so we're still waiting to see what his costume was. I'm continuing to pack my bags and prepare for my trip East. I love you all, and I'm quite sure I'll return safely.
UPDATED: Updated Broken Link Lookee what I found here: Alton I love that show "Good Eats". Who woulda guessed Alton had a web page? Oh well, hope you check it out.
Yesterday Mom and John Pacitti arrived at Richmond International for a week visit. We had dinner at Applebees and hope to take them to Joe's Crab Shack in Fredericksburg, VA . This weekend we're going to hit Fright Fest at and maybe visit some caverns out west near Front Royal. Finally, I set up the new Aiptek digital camera as a Web Cam in my office. Still have a few bugs with it and need to work out a better update method. Anyhow, I'll try to have it turned one when I'm at the computer. Updated: removed link to web cam - It's gone now.
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters has some excellent headlines and geeky news blurbs.
Fall is finally here. Time to bring out the jackets and start decorating for the Fall Season. We just got back from our Florida trip last week. We visited Arnie's mother down in Port Charolotte (about 2 hours south of Orlando). It was a fun trip. The kids also had a good time and went to the pool just about every day. I finally got to visit a Gator Park (Gatorama) and see the alligators and crocodiles. On our trip back home, we drove up A1A coastal highway and drove on the beach in Daytona. We stopped and went through the Ripley's Believe-it-or-Not museum in St. Augistine. Since it was getting late, we took a detour to Jekyll Island, Georgia to find a hotel. We liked having a 2 bedroom condo on the Atlatic Ocean, we extended our stay an extra night and toured the Island and beach before going home. I ended up having to call into work to add an extra day to our vacation, and it was well worth it. Who would have guessed Georgia would have such a nice resort Island.
I thought I would showcase today as a top-pick site to check out. develops an Open Source Linux based Firewall server. It supports dial-up, to DSL, to Cable-modem for your internet connection. I swear, you are going to love this free server.
ANTLR Home page This is a cool site about Language Recognition.
Welcome to BragBlog , today is a new day in the beginning of joining the BLOG mentality. Resistance is futile, I cannot resist. :} Keep posted for more to come.