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Starlink Installed!

Starlink is Here! After being on the waiting list for over a year and half, I found a solution. Requested my refund, and ordered a new Generation 2 Kit and service.   I used a company from the mid-west I found last year to replace other defunct Cellular Internet companies.   These guys are the best!   I gave them a visit, and was suprised and amazed at how helpful they were. I explained prior services/situation, and they hooked me up right away. Support is great, all you have to do is ask (file a ticket).  Anyhow, the last time I contacted them with some questions about adding cell boosters for better signal. They promptly informed me they had just received authorization to vendor for Starlink, and they were ready to ship, ANYWHERE in the United States. They have the new Gen 2 Model terminal and dish. Pricing has gone up since the original waiting list sign-up, but we would have been grandfathered in for about $50 off the new price. The new system also has a Portable Option/Add-on, all

How to set Etrade default Home Page

 This took me a few weeks, until I realized what had happened. When logging into my Etrade account, it used to default to the Accounts page by default. While logged in, if you click the top left corner Etrade logo, it would take you to the default home page.  Needless to say a while back, it started defaulting to Options Trading and not Accounts. I checked every menu and every personal settings and account settings, but nothing to set the HOME page. Low-and-behold, it turns out to be during the LOGIN Page.   There is a drop-down option you can select the default HOME page. See below. Good Luck and happy trading.