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Use Winget to update and upgrade 3rd Party Apps and Packages in Windows 10+

Winget is a new command-line package manager for Windows that makes it easy to install and manage software. It is similar to other package managers like apt-get on Linux or Chocolatey on Windows. Winget is still in development, but it is already available for download from the Microsoft Store. To install Winget, open the Microsoft Store and search for "winget". Click on the "Get" button to install the app. Once Winget is installed, you can open it from the Start menu. To use Winget, you need to know the name of the package you want to install. You can find the names of packages by searching the Microsoft Store or by looking at the website of the software developer. Once you know the name of the package, you can use the following command to install it: winget install <package-name>  For example, to install the Notepad++ text editor, you would use the following command: winget install notepad++  Winget can also be used to update and uninstall software. To update