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Crazy Uses For Coca Cola!

Crazy Uses For Coca Cola! . Here's some interesting tidbits about stuff to do with Coke and facts. I'm going to try something new besides just updating stuff about me and my family occasionally. I'll try to pick a random website. Almost a site of the day thing I guess, but instead of each day, more like "whenever-I-feel-like-it-a-day". I'll still add regular updates about the family. Today's update is a rather bad update. Our family lost our baby in the 35th week this past week. He was born and passed on May 22, 2004 (Saturday). We named him Alexander. He was so beautiful. It's been a very long and hard week and wish that nobody ever has to go through this. We miss you Alexander!!!
Testing new feed plugin for my Miranda IM to monitor my atom feed. You can check out to find out about feeds. Ozzy is walking nearly full speed these days. Billy has taken over the duties of lawn mower/tractor driver and is now cutting our grass. Good job last weekend Billy! Nicky has recently started writing his own stories. Mostly involving knights and dragons and saving the princess. Maybe some day he'll get published, or even start a blog . Arniel and the new baby are almost done. The due date is supposed to be around June 23rd. I don't think we're going to make it past the end of the week if things keep up like they have been. I have a new hobby. You may have noticed the web-cam stuff occasionaly being updated, and now there are two. And soon there are to be maybe 4. And so-on-and-so-on, etc. Hehe. Anyhow I've gotten into this X10 craze and want to wire up my entire house to make it like ... "Futuristic even".