Monday, December 14, 2009

It's gonna be a White Yule (or Xmas if you like)

Hey everybody .. I've done it. I've ordered a new Snow making machine from : : I hope to have it in by the weekend to try it out for Yule!

If you live in an area like I do and it get's cold enough for snow, but your lucky if you actually see snow 1 out of every 2-3 years worth a mention .. then check these guys out at the link above. They know how to make snow, and have over 10 years experience.

I've held off buying one mainly because I figured I could build one myself. Tho, I'm really lazy and actually tracking down the proper nozzles isn't something I wanted to mess with. This will come ready to hook to my pressure washer and air compressor out of the box.

If your considering buying one, I'd do it fast, they do have a limited supply and time is running out to order them by Xmas or Yule ..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nick playing Bass

This was Nick playing electric bass in front of a crowd for the first time during the Summer. We were at my old co-workers annual Summer house party (Paul Speed). btw, Nick is the guy on the Left. He played through a few songs and had a really great time.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Winters a Coming

We're finally into fall now here at the Bragg household. The trees are changing, leaves are falling. I can practically taste my favorite time of year. Winter!

A lot of work to do still in preparation here. The pool has been emptied but needs to be cleaned out and packed up for winter storage. The ATV's and mower need to be prepared for storage.

This past Summer we had a new Shed built, so I have lots of new room for storing tools and anything lying around. I'm also starting to do my research for this years Snow Making attempt. Last year (actually last post) I tried my hand at snow making and never followed up. Anyhow, it was fun and exciting. We actually had quite a few days that would have made great snow. Unfortunately I had one of the lower end designs I bought on e-bay and it didn't work out too well (low pressure designs). Not to get me wrong, I did finally get it to produce snow, but it was minimal because I tried to take too many shortcuts and the low pressure ones are much harder to make work.

I'll be posting more in the coming weeks .. this years is the year for SNOW .. I just know it.

This past Summer we went down to Florida for my 25 year high-school reunion in Pensacola, Florida (Pine Forest High School class of 1984) which was a wonderful time. Visiting my family and all my sisters. William has a great job working as a CNA (Certified Nursing assistant). Nick is still taking Bass lessons and is really getting good .. has about 25 or so songs under his belt. Most are classic rock and blues. Ozzy is now 6 and really smart and doing well in 1st Grade home-schooling. Both Nick and Ozzy are becoming total computer geeks, just like me. lol. And Finally, we went to the Virginia State Fair a few weeks ago, which was a blast. It's been at least 10 years since our last State Fair (In Maryland).

Stay tuned for the annual Winter Fest and Snow Making attempts. I promise to get pics up this year. Especially when I'm the only neighbor with 2-4 feet of snow in our yard. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Continuum (Aka Subspace)

Continuum (Aka Subspace)
Meet people from all over the world...then kill them. And it's free!