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Just on Sunday Ozzy took 7 consecutive steps after standing from a sitting position. Today he did a little more walking around. His confidence is building daily. I also wanted to point out that I love my family. Arniel, Billy, Nicky, and Ozzy. Baby Boy is due in June, and we still haven't settled on a name yet. I've got a few good ideas, but I think this one is all Arniel. I still like Einstein. A few weeks back I got my camera and techno goodies. So far the wireless video quality leaves a little to be desired, but of course I'm only so far trying to transmit the signal 8 feet below ground into the basement. The lamp modules are fun. I'd like to try out some of the other security and rca connectors (light switches, appliance modules, etc). It's all great fun. I hope to have a 2nd webcam setup on the outside so I can catch the boys playing outside while I'm at work.