Bragg Pool Season

Just a little heads up. It's that time again for the Bragg Family to buy or setup another above-ground pool. It all started years ago when we first moved to Virginia. I found a good deal on one of those giant Condom pool (as we called it). It's the big blue round ones that you blow up the top and just fill it up. It was a pretty large size when we got it. Anyhow, my first attempt failed miserably.

It became a HUGE running joke at work when I explained it to the guys it was time to setup the pool each year after that.

See, I decided the best place was to put it in the back yard. Our back yard though, is on a fairly steep slope. The pool MUST be setup on LEVEL ground. Anyhow, I proceeded to dig out the hill in the back yard to make an area large enough for the pool as level as I could. I didn't bother using a level to verify, eying it seemed good enough to me. The first setup ended up with the water gathering all on one end and the entire pool ended up collapsing and sending 5000 gallons of water down the back yard into a ravine. So I worked on it for a few more days packed it down and built up the low side and eventually got it level enough. The first pool lasted us for about 4 years, but the joke came each spring as I announced "it was time" to setup the Bragg pool.

After a couple years off, last year I finally bought another pool. It was a much smaller metal fame Intex pool, and moved to setting it up on the side yard which is more level to start with. It all went very well. I must be getting better at this. lol... The filter finally blew by late summer. So instead of just buying a new filter, I started looking into a new pool for this year.

This year I found one of the new rectangular Intex Ultra-Frame pools (24' x 12' x 52") which is going to be the largest pool to setup. It's going to go on the side yard, but we have to clear and level out an area approximately 20x32 feet by hand. Fun ... fun ... fun. Stay tuned...


Ed said…
I'll try to see if I can find some photos of the old pools. I think I posted some last year of the kids in the water, but I'm too lazy to go check back through the blog to be sure.


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