New Pool Phase 1

As I posted in the previous entry, the pool season is about to begin. I just got confirmation that the pool is being loaded on the truck and en route to Virginia later today. The picture to the right is the start of Phase 1, leveling of the ground. I estimate another week and a half or two before it's really level. The tiller isn't working this year, so it's going to be a manual process with shovels and rakes. { Owwww, my back, I can feel it now }

BTW, Again, notice the MEEBO Chat on the right also. If it says I'm online, chances are you can type right into the chat box and get a hold of me live. I just found out today you can also change the "guest" name by clicking the guest name box. Why not give it a try.

In other news, I just ordered an EVDO Router and SPRINT Wireless Internet card (USB). I'll be posting all the details in the days to come. I expect it to show up tomorrow. What does this mean? It means the end of NON-BROADBAND access to the Bragg family. We switched to Satellite last year (which is tons better for browsing than dial-up, but really really sucks for gaming). I'll get into the details when the equipment arrives and provide links and all that jazz.


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