A Poem about Ed Bragg & His Family

Ed Bragg, a man of grace and might,

With a heart that shines so bright.

He leads his family with gentle care,

And shows them love beyond compare.

His wife, by his side, stands so tall,

Her beauty and strength never fall.

Together they weave a life so grand,

A family full of love and hand in hand.

Their children, dear, so full of glee,

Bring laughter and joy to their family tree.

With each day, their bond grows stronger,

A love that lasts, like a song forever longer.

And so, Ed Bragg and his kin,

Live life to the fullest, without a grin.

For their love for each other is what life’s about,

And there's no doubt, they'll always be devout.

So, here's to Ed Bragg and his family so true,

May their love and bond forever shine anew.

May they always laugh and dance through life,

Together, as one, through joy and strife.


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