A little music in our lives.

Update: MixWit has since gone down. 1/18/2009

Billy and Nick started taking music lessons last fall (Guitar and Bass, respectively). Billy has decided to just practice on his own from now on instead of continuing lessons. Tho, he's gotten way better over time. Nick's still taking lesson's for his Bass and enjoying it. His teacher Doug Manring (who's brother is Michael Manring) who started "The Real Schol of Rock" here in Virginia.

Doug has decided it's finally time for Nick to have a "set list" of song's he can play. So he went through all the song structures he's learned and compiled a list. He also had to pick a Beatles song on his own. of course he picked "Yellow Submarine".

I've put together a MixWit mix you can listen to and see the list. I also burned Nick a CD of his song's so he can play along with the music and get a better feal of the beat and how long he has to play for a full song.


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