The Igloo Tool

Check out this site at about a neat Igloo building tool they have created. I found the site after looking for other pictures on the Internet of igloos other people created. I think I'm gonna have to get me one of these tools. Unfortunately for us, we don't get much snow here in Virginia. After the last snow and igloo being built, it never got much below freezing and our igloo melted away within a week (it was in the 50-60's).

For those that are curious.. The igloo we built below was done using a plastic tupper-ware like container. It was rectangular and measured about 18" x 12" x 4". At first I started by building a square base, but realized in order to get the top to close I was going to have to start rounding it more. It was only going to be a simple fort at first. As I started building up past the 5-6 bottom layers, I started inching slowly inwards, cutting off corners to assist in rounding it up a bit. Surprisingly, the finished igloo was very comfortable, even with the extra large door. I understand that typically you want to build the door below the base, to keep the wind out, but we only had 5-6" of snow. The total construction time was about 4 hours with only a couple short (3-4 minute) breaks. Near the end, the snow/ice was changing over to rain, and I was in a rush to get a close-to-finished-igloo for my own satisfaction and the kids.


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