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Last weekend Ozzy turned 1 year old. My, he is growing up fast. He's about to start walking. He's been cruising and crawling like a mad-man. He's constantly trying to keep up with his big brothers and wants to be involved in everything going on. Ozzy has 6 teeth, and has had em for about 4 months now. Been working on new ones, chewing on just about anything and everything, but nothing popping through yet.

Nicky and Billy are doing well in home-school. Billy has started reading just about anything he can get his hands on. Nicky is really starting to read well now. He wants to be able to read so he can understand what other kids are typing in games online.

Around the house we have been working on small improvements last year and this year. The dining room got a new paint job last year, and just a couple of weeks ago we bought Pergo to replace the carpeting. I put the Pergo down, and it really does look nice. We got the premium kind with backing and snap-in feature, but it's still not as-easy-as they make it seem. I'm sure it was a ton easier than real hard-wood tho. Late last fall we painted the Living room in preparation of some family visits. Also, Arniel has been working on putting down new tyles in the foyer. I must say, she has done a wonderful job and it's really looking good. Should be done this weekend.


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