Friday, July 11, 2014

This years Hobby!

GOLD!  There Be Gold everywhere!

This years hobby for me is Gold Prospecting. As it turns out (I've known for 14 years, just haven't acted on it yet) we live smack dab in the middle of the Gold/Pyrite belt of Virginia. Within about a 2 mile radius, there are approximately 18 or so abandoned mines from the 1800-1900s. There is even an old one about 1/2 mile up the creek that runs through the backside of our property, so I'm hoping there is plenty of gold flakes and nuggets for me to find.  The land here is rich in red clay and TONS (and I do mean TONS and TONS) of quartz. There are even pieces of quartz in our yard and woods the size of some small cars. After sitting and watching the shows Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold
and many other related gold mining shows, I've gotten the itch to go out and see if we have some 
on our land. 

During the winter, I bought some gold pans, Classifiers (screens to filter out larger rocks), and some PAY DIRT from various sources online. With this, I practiced and improved my panning techniques and am much more confident in catching real gold. 

This past Fathers Day, we took a trip down to Marion, NC to "Lucky Strike Gold Mine and Campground" and rented a high-banker and load of dirt to process. We also panned through some of their "salted" (gold added) pay dirt and bought a few bags to bring home. 

I'm hoping to join our local Gold Prospector club, and keep on learning and improving my skills. It turns out they have a local claim which is just about 4 miles from my house, and members are free to come out and work it for gold. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Want to run your own Minecraft server?

Have you ever wanted to run your own Minecraft server?  You have to check out MineOS!

From the MineOS website:

MineOS Turnkey:
MineOS Turnkey is the current flagship distribution of MineOS. Based on the proven Debian foundation, Turnkey Linux is a perfect delivery system: a trimmed, yet supremely extensible server platform. Respun with MineOS components pre-configured, MineOS Turnkey is the quickest way to get a managed hosting platform for Minecraft, capable of starting/stopping, backing up, restoring and archiving your worlds.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gus Bragg Memorial

I've setup a Gus Bragg Memorial site at:

If you want to contribute photos or stories, you can send them to me (Ed).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Download Artifacts from Jenkins with WGET

If you find that using wget to download an artifact from a secured Jenkins server keeps failing with:

wget --http-user=user --http-password=password

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden
2013-03-20 16:35:36 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

Since Jenkins is using form based authentication, you will need to use an option:

Try this instead:
wget --auth-no-challenge --http-user=user --http-password=password

Monday, October 29, 2012

Schedule Jobs in Java

I was looking for a good way to use the Java Timer and TimerTask classes to schedule jobs to run on a daily and weekly basis like a cron job in Linux/Unix. Well, After a little extra searching I came across this GEM of a project:  The cron4j Project

If your already familiar with cron syntax, this works like a charm!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Make it all taste like bacon!

If eating bacon sandwiches isn't enough, they have bacon salt, to make everything you eat taste like bacon!

How can this be?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowmageddon in Virginia

We've had over 5 feet of snow this season, and another storm is apparently on the way.  

So much for using my new snow making machine. It's almost as if I started it up and it's been running non-stop ever since. 

In case you interested in learning about snow making you can check out

And if your just interested in buying a snow making machine, you can check out SN Home Snowmaking. They are having an end-of-season sale.

In the meantime, the kids and I have been building a huge snow hill that we have named Mount NoSnowMore we use for sledding and snowboarding down. I've got some videos up on You Tube.

Continuum (Aka Subspace)

Continuum (Aka Subspace)
Meet people from all over the world...then kill them. And it's free!